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Our 24/7 Network Operations Center (LockBoxx) team monitors your mission critical Server, IoT and IT infrastructure, services, applications, connections, sites and processes.

LockBoxx can monitor and support InHouse, CoLocation and Cloud infrastructures on and off net.


LockBoxx 24×7
Our 24/7 NOC service is a tunkey monitoring and reporting solution to provide your team peace of mind. Combined with our systems and engineering services LockBoxx can be a full service monitoring and break fix service for virtually any systems.

Monitoring And Checks

  • Monitoring of CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, Disk Space, Network Interface Load, etc.
  • Monitoring of your critical service such as web servers, mail servers, file servers, web services, processes, etc.
  • Regular proactive manual check.
  • Antivirus and Spyware alert monitoring.
  • Patch Alerts for your builds.
  • Custom DashBoards and Analytics.

Lockboxx 24/7 IM – Infrastructure Management
Our IM solution offers all of the features and benefits of the 24/7 NOC services. In addition, IM is enriched by hands-on management and interventions on your systems.

Our 24/7 IM services provide a cost-effective around-the-clock solution to make sure critical IT systems and applications are running smoothly and reliably and our specialized teams diagnose and fix identified issues within minutes.


Benefits of NOC and IM Services
1.    Scale globally
2.    Easy to understand cost effective tailored solutions available in two levels
3.    Generate business with the ability to offer 24/7/365 monitoring to your customers
4.    Reduce cost by lowering overhead
5.    Focus on customer experience while we take the task of infrastructure monitoring
6.    Do more without expanding your existing staff

How It Works

Infrastructure management at by LockBoxx is simple. We combine the best infrastructure management tools with highly skilled technical staff to monitor and manage your infrastructure 24/7. 

We provide two levels of 24/7 protection:

LockBoxx 24/7 – Network Operations Center (NOC) 
Our NOC teams monitor and report on your mission critical IT infrastructure services, applications, connections, sites, and processes around the clock. 

When a system or a service goes down or exceeds certain operational parameters that you have defined, we kick into action and start alerting your organization in line with escalation procedures we define with you. 

Alerts and Escalations

  • Triage of alerts and incidents according to predefined severity level criteria.
  • Escalation via Ticket / Email / SMS / Phone Call based Escalation Matrix.
  • Suggested Solutions for Escalated issues.


  • Reporting and Monthly review call with report of incidents in the past month, changes and updates, SLA adherence, and recommendations

LockBoxx 24/7 IM – Remote Infrastructure Management
Our LockBoxx 24/7 IM is designed to complement your existing resources by adding 24/7 intervention for critical issues and by relieving your staff from routine interventions. Our 24/7 IM services include all the features of 24/7 NOC plus the following:

1.    Approved interventions for agreed incident types (service restarts, troubleshooting, etc.) 
2.    Patch Management
3.    Create and provide Thread Dumps
4.    Antivirus Updates
5.    Proactive Maintenance Routines
6.    Integration of non-standard Application
7.    Diagnose and fix identified issues

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