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One of the most challenging parts of launching a new Product or Startup Business is getting your product or brand up and running. Most businesses fail at this startup phase because they lack the knowledge and resources to execute.

It takes a wide array of expertise to establish a strong brand and to deliver that in a clear and concise manner through a variety of media channels.

The CBFA Product or Startup in a Box has everything you need to get your business or product idea validated, branded and launched on a tight budget and timeline. The CBFA Product in A Box is Cheaper, Better and Faster.

The CBFA Product “In A Box” packages comes with the following:

  • An initial Consultation with CBFA Advisors to review the product details, the Stakeholders Vision and current status of development of the product. Meeting will cover branding ideas, target markets, product functionality, choice of technologies and other relevant information.
  • Competitive analysis of the proposed product or market.
  • CBFA will present 2 branding options based on Stakeholder discussions and CBF research to include: a logo, tagline and company colors.
  • CBFA will design a fully branded website to include all copy and content.
  • CBFA will setup or integrate existing Social Media using the new branding.
  • CBFA will produce four custom relevant blog posts to be posted in the website and social media.
  • CBFA will produce 4 blog videos based on the blog posts.
  • CBFA will integrate an existing or create a new Google Analytics into the website.

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